I wish I had started this relationship sooner.

Ive had so many bad ‘hand to mouth’ habits over the years……….. and this is one that is a keeper!

Drinking water!

Yeah sounds kind of basic, but usually basic details are the ones we overlook and we need the most.

 I discovered the luxury of drinking water a few years ago from a work out buddy (back when I tried that). She made a comment about how “skinny girls always have a water bottle on them”….. so I researched it and started testing it out. It did not cause any type of magic like I expected into said skinny girls. I did notice I started to crave having it around, and if I had too much soda or coffee to replace it, I felt SO dried out. So maybe my body was trying to tell me something.

Why water?

I like to snack.

If I don’t have a snack to busy my hand to mouth obsession, my finger nails will suffer. Snacks are not a good fix either, and cigarettes are fortunately not something I keep anymore, and so what else will satisfy this need?


Also water is a tad bit essential for our body.  Here is a site that can say it better than I can http://www.watercure.com/

Yes we can get it in the magical elixir called coffee……….but caffeine goes straight to my head.


Apparently sodas might taste fun, but are just evil for your body. Ive cut them out almost completely, except for an occasional treat!


I was amazed how good I feel when I have my constant stream of this liquid at my fingertips too! Even better is when you add a slice of lemon! (which I discovered thanks to my fave yoga lady Adrian, http://yogawithadriene.com/random-lemon-drops-of-wisdom/ ) 10665112_10153255209632719_8117525177749891173_nIve been told it also helps with weight loss……………..I’m sure there are facts and figures for that, but since I never saw a huge change in my own body with increasing my water alone, I can only assume it only helps with weight loss when you are also moving your body more 😉

So in summary, water is good……………..and stuff!!!

(so is beer, but that I will leave that for another post)



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