starting the day with a pill…..

Ive been taking Plexus products for over a year now, but have not seen a ‘transformation’ that I can splash across facebook……………but it has helped me to change my lifestyle and to me that is better than great before and after pictures.


Ok actually I want to get in shape

I swore to myself years ago I would not do diets, or miserable work outs. They never stick and I usually end up being a witch. I started searching for the right lifestyle change for me.Ive found Yoga, eatting real food, and taking a good pro-biotic have helped me loose some inches and a few pounds but also feel great!

Back track to why this is important.

I started this journey in high school, not paying any attention to weight. I was in Band and Ballet and ate anything I could (since I usually avoided lunch lines) and was fine that way. Skip ahead to when my son was born. I had gained some fluff in college, but lost it all when I was pregnant with my son then gained a little back. By the time he turned 1 I was a smoking hot 140 (maybe less). Why I ever stopped breastfeeding is beyond me (ok ok I was so done, and he was 2! Way past when I wanted to ween him)  because it all went down hill after. I started gaining weight, and counterbalanced with diet after diet, only to gain twice as much back each time. I started working out with some friends who are trainers. I only maintained my weight (but gained some great knowledge and muscles) and hatted every min of it. I also gained a HORRIBLE attitude and quite honestly was depressed from it all. So I gave up completely on it all and decided to find a lifestyle that would work. Id love to say I found it and returned to my teen age bod………….but I soon gained 60 pounds in less than a year and was 245 by last year. I tried calorie counting, and that only made things worse (and no I was not cheating). I tried finding a work out I liked, and failed. I was ready to give up. Things started to finally fall in place when my husband had to cut out gluten from his diet (we figured out it was what made him sick all the time) and I started looking at the food we eat. We had to cut out almost all processed foods. I started to realize we were just eating poison anyways and so I started researching. This lead me to pro-biotics and kombucha. I found Yoga not soon after, and fell in love with it.  Im not yet were I want to be but I enjoy it all, and best Ive kept it up!

But now I want to do some experimenting to figure out what is the best way for me to loose weight, so I can throw it in when its needed (like after the tasty holiday season)

So Ive decided to start documenting how Plexus effects me…..yep I’m playing scientist 😀

Ive been taking the Probio 5 and Cleanse once a day for the past year.  I have also been drinking my home brewed kombucha every morning for breakfast, which I am counting as additional pro-biotics. I unfortunately lost the habit of my daily Yoga, but that will help me have a good base to start from. We just got out of the holidays, so I can boast I ate reasonably for the holidays, and lets leave it at that. I have not been keeping up with my water intake like I should, but my wine intake I keep a good focus on (tehehehe).  Overall its as good of a starting ground as I could hope for, since the bad eating is actually how I use to normally eat before I got on Plexus (the pro-biotics have greatly helped me ‘feel’ full or hungry and obey my stomach not my eyes) and my body is accustomed to the pro-biotics.

This week I am adding Slim (which I swear is magic!) which helps with regulating blood sugars and is wonderful at halting cravings. It also keeps my brain focused (and if you know me, that in itself is the Holy Grail)  and not distracted.  I was taking it but lost track of my habits last semester. I will continue eating as my body encourages.

Next week I will drop the Slim, and start calorie counting. I’m not big on counting calories, but I want to see if it makes any kind of changes.

After that I will add Yoga back in, and keep it (since I already miss it terribly) but the following weeks add in different things to test them with the exercise.

I will keep things updated here. Mainly for myself 😉


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